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Textile Coating & Laminating Dies

Textile Coating Dies

With our 65+ years of experience in this field we are able to offer our customers proven solutions to improve almost any coating project.  
Sancliff, Inc. has been designing, specifying, and supplying standard and custom dies to the textile industry for more than 50 years. Sancliff, Inc manufactures textile coating dies at the tightest possible geometry specification tolerances available Our coating dies are in constant use in machines all over the world in most of the world’s top textile manufacturing companies. Interested or questions, call us today. 
Sancliff designs, produces and manufactures each textile coating die to properly match your specific coating application whether it be an absolute impregnation die, a finishing die or laminating die we will supersede your expectations & you'll recognize the quality.
Textile Coating Dies
Coating Dies
We offer completely sealed pressurized air delivery systems as well open horizontal and vertical coating dies. With the volume of coating dies we manufacture each month we have a constant and consistent supply of raw materials on hand to meet the most time sensitive deliveries requirements. We consistently blow our customers away with the quality of our products.  
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