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 Tungsten Carbide Products & Highest Quality Carbide Dies

Who is Sancliff?

Quite simply...We are Wire Die & Coating Systems experts! Our primary products are Tungsten Carbide Wire Dies for a wide variety of industrial applications. We will work with our customers to help manufacture superior products that save money during production. We take full advantage of the manufacturing process to produce high quality Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing, Textile Impregnation, and Fiber Optic Coating dies. 

Sancliff, Inc. was established in 1948 and has been a Wire Die manufacturer for more than 65 years! We’ve been providing shaped and round dies with unsurpassed quality and consistency to clients all around the world for decades. Our deliveries are consistently on time and we offer the best pricing in the industry throughout our product line. Let us show you what we have to offer and CALL TODAY for a quotation, or with any questions you may have!

Shaped Wire Drawing Dies

Sancliff's Tungsten Carbide Shaped Wire Drawing Dies are the most common and cost effective die available for drawing shaped wire. Sancliff manufactures Shaped Wire Drawing Dies of unparalleled quality, consistency and value. Our lead times constantly exceed customer expectations. We offer new Shaped Dies, recuts & so much more.

Fiber Optic Coaters

Sancliff's Fiber Optic Cladding Dies, Coating Dies, Coating Head Assemblies and Pressurized Coating Systems are engineered to deliver controlled supplies of diverse chemical composition and varied viscosity coating to our Fiber Optic Coating Head and Die Assemblies. Cladding and Coating devices are available in split, solid, wet on wet, twin and multi configurations for conventional round and/or specialty shaped fibers and substrates.

Textile Coating Dies

Textile coating dies are manufactured from Tungsten Carbide with the tightest possible geometric specification tolerances available. Sancliff has been designing, specifying, and supplying standard and custom dies to the textile industry for more than 65 years. Our coating dies are in constant use in all parts of the world and we count many of the world’s top textile manufactures as our valued clients.

General Die Terminology

Bell Radius

This is the rounded section on the front of the nib. This radius is there to prevent the entering rod from striking a sharp edge and being scratched.

Entrance Angle

This angle is to allow the lubricant access to the approach angle.

Approach/Reduction Angle

This is the working part of the die. The entering rod at a 20% reduction draft should hit 1/3 of the way up this angle. The approach angle will reduce the area of wire until it reaches the bearing of the die.

Interference Fit

The carbide nib is pressed into the steel casing. This press fit supports the nib and is very important. Because carbide has very little tensile strength, if the press fit is improperly controlled, the nib will shatter or crack in the wire drawing operation. 


This area controls the size of the wire. Note: The bearing length dimension is usually given as a percentage of the bearing diameter (die size).


The peen is a crimping operation that Sancliff uses to insure that the nib is held securely on the bottom of the casing. This operation becomes important when there is a backlash in the wire drawing operation which will try to pull the nib out of the casing through the front. If there is any chucking of the nib in the casing, the nib will crack and separate in two distinct cylinders.

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